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One legend recreated Shadow Moses from Metal Gear Solid in LEGO Worlds

Now I want to go there

YouTuberCraig Kelly managed to create one of the best builds in LEGO WorldsI’ve seen to date: Shadow Moses from Metal Gear Solid.

In a low key “vacation tour” type vibe Kelly walks us through their creation in the video below, which, surprisingly, doesn’t just consist of the very first Shadow Moses zone (which most mods stop at). They do craft that iconic bit though, complete with the underwater infiltration scene and the “HIND D” helipad.

From there the tour moves on to the various laboratories and detention cells that litter the midpoint of MGS, as well as locations like the open tundra where players fight Vulcan Raven’s tank and the Gray Fox murder hallway (which Kelly says is made from “strawberry jam” doubling as blood.

Kelly says that they built the whole thing from memory and there’s still more work to be done. If you’re even remotely anMGSfan the 20 minute clip is worth checking out.

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