Phantasy Star Online 2 is about to get a whole lot bigger next week


Episode 6 arrives on December 9

The time has come for the western edition of Phantasy Star Online 2to meet the original Japanese release.

As announced on Sega’s official blog, PSO 2is getting its major Episode 6 update on December 9. The main sticking points: more main story quests, an enhanced level cap of 95, more classes (Etoile/Phantom), more quests in general, and another difficulty setting for hardcore users (Ultra-Hard, or “UH”). It’s…a lot!

The new classes should keep people busy for a while on their own. The Phantom is another mixed melee/ranged playstyle, and focuses on shifting their attacks rapidly to dish out more damage. The Etoile is a sturdier, mobile class, with the option to parry and release energy they’ve stored up: kind of like the Royal Guard style in Devil May Cry.

To recap, PSO 2 launched in the west under the Episode 3 patch, which actually hit in Japan nearly six years ago. To compensate, Sega eased players into subsequent chapters at a rather rapid pace. Now, the western version is poised to basicallybe in line with the original 2013 release. For some people it might be overwhelming, but for hardcore players, it’s a near-unprecedented rollout for a live service action-RPG like this.

It’s a pretty good time for the game to get a continuous amount of updates, as Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesisis on the horizon next year. Sega is smart to keep people interested in PSO 2and not feel like they’re too far behind.

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