This custom Pokemon Legends manual is adorable


I wish there was an option to buy one

Game manuals are a lost art. Although including one in every copy of a game can contribute to excess waste, there are times where, for very special releases, I’m keen to dig into one. Usually those instances are accounted for with special and collector’s edition SKUs; and for everything else, there’s fan communities. That goes double for RowanFN1, who shared their custom Pokemon Legends manual recently.

It’s a thing of beauty, designed from the ground up to look like the actual in-game journal, down to the blue hue. It’s 24-pages long, with sections on story, controls, a rundown of the starters, item and map info, character bios, and a few other tricks and tips. Naturally, there’s the classic “fill in your own info” note section at the end, as well as a Legends-centric “progress” page, where you can check off your star rank and collectibles.

Given how I’m constantly flipping back and forth between menus to see where I’ve accomplished research tasks, I’m making my own notes anyway: it might as well be in a book that adds a little theme. RowanFN1 says that the drawings inside are supposed to look “hand drawn or painted” to match the Hisui iconography and make it look more like an official stylized product.

The best part? This Pokemon Legends manual fits nicely into the actual slots in the authentic case.