PSA: Grab the free Azure Striker Gunvolt DLC for Blaster Master Zero


It’ll revert to paid DLC eventually

Blaster Master Zero‘s free 1.2 update arrived yesterday on the eShop, which came with an extra difficulty mode and an extra character (Gunvolt) as DLC. While the update will naturally be applied instantly by way of a patch the DLC is housed separately on the eShop, under the Blaster Master Zero heading, towards the middle of the listing.

I’m reminding you all because Gunvolt will only be free for a limited time before he reverts to $1.99. From now until May 17 you can grab him without paying, and the same goes for Ekoro who will be free from June 1 to June 14.

If you’d rather check out a demo first, it’s available on Switch and 3DS.