Sakurai says the next Smash Ultimate DLC fighter will be revealed at E3


At the Tuesday Direct

Super Smash Bros.Ultimatehas only unveiled one total character so far from its Fighters Pass, and that’s Joker, because Piranha Plant doesn’t count. As promised, said pass will eventually grant access to five fighters (with five accompanying stages and extra music tracks), so we have four to go.

With Joker’s release on April 17, we’re approaching the two-month anniversary of no new information on the pass, but Smashboss Sakurai says that is changing this week. Live after the Smash Ultimate World Championship 2019 3v3 Finals, Sakurai ended the broadcast with an announcement: information for the next DLC fighter will be revealed during the next E3 Nintendo Direct on Tuesday (12PM ET).

You can watch Sakurai’s statement at roughly 26:30 in the video below, where he concludes with the signature “I hope you’re looking forward to it,” while pointing out the giant life-size Smash Ball. Wholesome!