See the whiptastic first Darksiders III gameplay footage


I’m going to need much more convincing

Following the reveal trailer, IGN has shared 12 minutes of pre-alpha footage from Darksiders III.

This is one of those times when the powers that be probably should have waited longer before starting up the marketing cycle. The game isn’t due out until next year, and this early look is exactly that: early. The footage gives us an idea of what they’re going for with Fury’s whip-centric combat style, but so much of what I’m seeing here can be summed up as “needs polish,” from the way attacks land to enemy behaviors to the HUD. It’s clearly labeled pre-alpha, yes, but first impressions still mean a lot.

I’m on board with the whip, conceptually, but that incessant sound effect is going to break my mind. If you don’t care to see the whole video, consider skipping to the eight-minute mark for a boss fight.