Somehow the Wii U version of Teslagrad was the most profitable


Nintendo’s little box of joy

Developer Rain Games recently released World to the West upon gamers, but had to delay the Wii U port to further optimize it. While that may have been seen as a bizarre move (why bother releasing for a dead console?), this story seems to explain why they would put so much effort into the Wii U version. According to an interview with Gamasutra, Rain Games’ CEO claimed that Nintendo’s little box of joy saw the most profit for their previous game, Teslagrad.

“There was not many titles released for it [Wii U], comparatively. Indie titles actually got a good visibility on the platform,” CEO Peter Wingaard Meldahl said. “Nintendo has this sort of double-split where two games are the entire top of the store. And we were one of those two games for two weeks in each area where we were released. That wouldn’t have been the case on any other platform. That helped a lot.”

Apparently Teslagrad stood right alongside Hyrule Warriors, so Nintendo wasn’t shying away from sharing the spotlight with a relatively unknown developer. That takes guts and shows a strong dedication to nurturing bonds between game makers. Hopefully Nintendo keeps this up with the Switch, which they seem to be doing so far.

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