Someone bought an unclaimed URL from Uncharted 4


A thief’s end would be selling it…

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a richly-detailed walking simulator. Early on in the game, Nate can examine a travel guide for Bangkok, Thailand which lists a webpage,, on the back.

I guess no one at Sony or Naughty Dog registered that URL so someone on Reddit did.

If you clicked it above, you’ll note that it redirects to the Reddit posting by Dacvak, explaining that he bought the site because it was available and, “[has] zero plans for it” and “will probably just link it back to ND’s websit,” which has him missing out on a pretty low-hanging way in which he could’ve fucked with folks (“Uncharted 5 to take place in Thailand?”)


Here’s an actual Easter egg from Uncharted 4 (that I missed when I played!) to make up for it.

Great Easter Egg

— Niall the Glynn (@NialltheGlynn) May 15, 2016