Sonic Forces will have an Episode Shadow add-on at launch


‘Free to everyone who purchases Sonic Forces’

Shadow has found his way into Sonic Forces. Sega is planning an Episode Shadow add-on that’ll deal with his “mysterious backstory” with the new villain, Infinite, and include three Shadow-centric stages (and the ability to play as him in “over 10 Modern Sonic stages”).

The DLC will be available at launch on November 7, free with your purchase of Sonic Forces, and folks who pre-order the Digital Bonus Edition will get a Shadow costume for their custom character.

I got to see this stuff in action back at PAX and also play a few levels of Sonic Forces, including a boss fight. The modern Sonic games have never really been my thing, but dare I say it, I didn’t dislike what I played. It was fast yet still mostly discernible, and I enjoyed toying with the avatar’s wisp powers. Can’t wait to see what the internet at large dreams up for these user-made characters.