Sony: 'Shooter audience is switching to PlayStation 4'


They’re much more aggressive this gen

When Sony says that shooter fans are switching over to the PS4, it makes perfect sense. I mean heck, it’s ahead in console sales by millions of units, so sheer popularity would dictate that more people are inherently playing on PS4. Then you have their incredibly aggressive exclusivity deals recently, where they locked up exclusive Strikes (dungeons) and weapons for Destiny, and even the timed exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIDLC map packs, which have been Microsoft’s turf for years.

Want to know how aggressive Sony is in pushing these games? I always tell people the story of a GameStop manager who put out Xbox materials around his store for Destiny around launch, and received calls from corporate representatives from Sony to take them down, and that “only Sony advertising will be tolerated in stores.” I was able to confirm that story with a source, and that store was devoid of Xbox-related materials.

This new claim of a mass migration to Sony’s platform comes by way of MCVby PlayStation group marketing manager Lauren Bradley, who also notes that shooter fans will be heavily investing in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefronton PS4 above all else.

As a big shooter fan myself, I’m torn. I just gained access to the Xbox One Elite controller, which I think is much more suited for the genre than the DualShock 4. Additionally, Microsoft tends to do things right with dedicated servers, and party chat is much more stable on Xbox Live. At the same time, a lot of my friends are going where the exclusive DLC is, so I’m stuck on PS4 if I want to play with them.

The console wars are alive and well, my friends.

Shooter audience switching to PlayStation 4, says Sony [MCV]