StarCraft II gets more DLC today in the form of a new co-op character


Abathur, for $4.99

StarCraft IIhas got to have worked out well from a monetary standpoint for Blizzard. I mean you have one core release plus two expansions, a whole new three-part Nova campaign add-on, and now, premium co-op characters all spanning the same engine — there’s something for just about everyone to buy if they really wanted.

So yeah, that latter bit actually launches today, and it kicks off with Abathur, who is available for $4.99.He allows players to evolve their armies and create more powerful Zerg units, and he’s accompanied by the mutation and mastery system that makes co-op deeper overall.

I feel like a lot of publishers wouldn’t get away with something like this, adding in a premium piece of DLC, but StarCraft IIhas earned the good will it gets.