Stay fresh: New Splatoon amiibo up for pre-order


At Best Buy

Best Buy has released the pre-order floodgates for the new Splatoonamiibo, which are set to arrive on July 8 in the west.

As a reminder, here’s what’s new — the Squid Sisters (Callie & Marie) have never been released before, and will be available in a dual pack. The other major release is a 3-pack with different color Inklings (the girl has green hair now instead of orange, and the boy has purple hair rather than blue). The Inklings will be available individually but the orange squid amiibo will be exclusive to the 3-pack, just like the first release.

Phew! Toys, am I right? As a side note, here’s a recap of every amiibo released to date in the west, which I’ve kept up since November of 2014.

Splatoon amiibo [Best Buy]