Take a price dive on Doom, Battlefield 1, and Final Fantasy X HD


Capitalism, ho!

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD released on PC this Thursday, and Square Enix is currently selling the game at a special launch week discount ($23.99) through May 18. But let’s dive further into the savings train, kiddo. Toss this stacking25 percent offdeal onto that, and the price falls to $17.99 — a 40 percent week one discount. Score!

At the same retailer, we’ve also spotted first price breakon Battlefield 1. This will probably only last through the weekend, as pre-orderdiscounts for EA titles is always rare. But, honestly, we’re far away from October and know next to nothing about the game. The best bet is to wait.

On the console front, Friday’s hot release,Doom, is cheap this weekend. From now through May 19, NewEgg has a $15 off coupon code cutting the price to $45 with free shipping. While there’s a 20 percent off deal on the PC digital copy of the game, Newegg’s $15 off code also works on the physical PC DVD copy.

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