The curious case of the missing 2D Metroid Dread


Inside information on the Metroid series

Unseen64 is back with some more insider information after its exposé of Project H.A.M.M.E.R. and this time it deals with the Metroid series.

According to Unseen64’s sources,Metroid Prime Hunters was originally pitched as a single-player game similar to Metroid Prime. It eventually became multiplayer focused and many of the multiplayer assets ended up being used to “make a mediocre single-player at the last minute,” according to a source at Nintendo Software Technology.

The long-lost 2DMetroid Dread reportedly looked like a port of the Game Boy Advance titleMetroid Fusion, according to first-party developers who saw it behind closed doors at a pre-E3 event in 2009. The game went missing-in-action thereafter with no real specific reasoning as to why.