The Halo announcer reading Destiny PVP lines is must see TV


I’d love to see a Shaxx voice pack for Halo Infinite

The 2013 documentary “I Know that Voice” is effective on so many levels. A lot of fandom really gets into the VA side of the industry, and starts to recognize voices while putting them to faces (Steve Blum was one of the first people I followed as a kid). Some people don’t take that extra step. So for many of you, this will be the first time you ever see the iconic Halo announcer, Jeff Steitzer.

So what’s the setup? Naturally, someone found out that the Halo announcer was on Cameo, and got them to read a bunch of lines for Destiny‘s own voice of multiplayer: Lord Shaxx. It’s relevant for numerous reasons. One, it’s a funny idea! Two, Bungie used to work on Halo, and although Steitzer has been keeping up with the Halo series via its second steward 343 Industries, he still holds a lot of love for Bungie (and makes it known in the intro).

Here’s the Halo announcer himself in action:

For a clip that’s not produced in a studio, it’s pretty great! At the time of publication, the video also has had zero dislikes and 1.7K likes, something I haven’t seen in quite a while. I guess people just know good old-fashioned fun when they see it.

Here’s a rundown of a bunch of Lord Shaxx lines for comparison:

Lennie James as Shaxx is also fantastic, and one of the brightest spots of Destiny‘s voice cast. Of course it’s really hard to beat Lance Reddick, who is also willing to join in on some voice-related antics (NSFW).