The magical rogue-lite Noita still looks wild and it's releasing soon


Steam Early Access begins September 24

Do you remember Noita? I can’t be the only one who’s tried to keep tabs on this game over the past several years. It’s a spell-slinging rogue-lite from the developers of The Swapper, and it has a curious point of inspiration: those old falling-sand physics games. In Noita, “every pixel is physically simulated.”

As this and every other trailer and gif readily illustrate, it’s better seen than explained.

Noita is back in the spotlight for good reason: it’s releasing soon. Nolla Games has locked down a September 24 launch on Steam Early Access, where it will reside for “about a year” based on estimates.

“The game is playable and is polished to a nearly-finished state up to a certain point in the game’s progression,” according to the creators. “Past that point game elements are a bit less polished. A functional final boss and ending exist, but they lack polish and testing.” The final build will be “refined.”

Noita‘s simulation angle combined with the focus on magic should keep it feeling fresh in what has become a decidedly crowded genre. On that note, don’t mind me some sand is calling my name.