The new Monster Hunter RPG looks just adorable


As adorable as scaly beasts can be

A lot of people love the idea of Monster Hunter, but Capcom’s cash cow certainly isn’t for everyone.

The series, while massively popular, isn’t the most accessible game around — which is unfortunate, since it possesses a rich world, something that holds the potential for even broader appeal.

Capcom seemed to recognize this years ago, and has been developing a role-playing game spin-off in Monster Hunter Stories, which is primed to launch on Nintendo 3DS (at least in Japan) next year.

In what seems like a move to capture some of thatPokémonor Yo-Kai Watch demographic, the game follows a band of “Riders” who form partnerships with friendly monsters called Otomon to help them in battle against the even bigger, badder beasts that prowl the landscape.

Capcom has yet to discuss plans for a Western release, but will be exhibiting at Tokyo Game Show.

[Images via 4Gamer]