The next generation of Xbox begins holiday 2020, with Halo as a launch title


‘The foundation of our future in console and in cloud’

Today at their impressive E3 press conference, Microsoft delivered just what many of us expected, with new news on their next generation of gaming hardware, Project Scarlett.

Microsoft’s next generation console will feature a custom designed processor based on AMD’s Zen 2 technology and GDDR6 memory, making project Scarlett “four times more powerful than the Xbox One”, and capable of “resolution and framerates we’ve never seen before”. Project Scarlett is expected to feature 8K visuals, with accelerated ray-tracing, and support variable framerates of up to 120FPS. New SSD technology hopes to all-but-eliminate load times.

The Xbox team wants to deliver more content, faster and better than ever before, with a strong emphasis on support for crossplay and cloud gaming. Though we did not get to see the unit itself, the presentation was full of promise. Xbox are clearly hoping that Project Scarlett will deliver a new, powerful gaming experience like none other when it hits the scene in late 2020.

And if all that tech-talk wasn’t news enough, Xbox also revealed that epic sci-fi sequel Halo: Infinite will launch alongside the new hardware. After all, what would a brand new Xbox experience be without our old friend, Master Chief?