The Textorcist receives a free expansion today


The typing of Christ compels you

Indie typing game The Textorcist has received a big content update today. Called The Forgotten Relics, this free expansion adds a brand new “Boss Rush” mode, several trinkets for the story mode, and a brand new difficulty option for the boss fights. It’s not exactly a new experience, but it’s certainly incentive to replay this relatively fun little action title.

Unlocked after completing the campaign, Boss Rush is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll face off against all of the main bosses in a brand new arena for a place on a global leaderboard. Successfully finishing the mode will unlock an exclusive trinket for story mode, of which there are 31 available.

The trinkets are a new modifier to combat during the campaign. Through defeating bosses under certain stipulations, you’ll be able to modify the difficulty of the game to make it easier or harder. Tier 1 trinkets are earned by simply defeating a boss, Tier 2 trinkets are earned by not taking damage, and Tier 3 trinkets are earned for not making typos. Players will progressively unlock more slots by finishing chapters in the story and can equip/unequip them at will.

I actually played through The Textorcist a few months back and found it okay. It’s a very good idea with some funny writing, but the performance is sluggish and the boss fights end up becoming far too excessive to be fun. Everything is just a bit clunky between typing and moving, though the game doesn’t overstay its welcome at all. I’m not sure The Forgotten Relics will be a huge shake-up to the formula, but I definitely appreciate free updates.