They finally did it! They enhanced System Shock


Mouselook is in

Influential as it is, System Shock hasn’t aged well in certain areas. Fans have worked hard to modernize the 21-year-old FPS/RPG hybrid, but some folks only want a turnkey solution. Here it is.

Night Dive Studios has worked its magic once more for System Shock: Enhanced Edition, out now on While it costs $9.99 regularly, there’s a 20 percent discount for everyone (and a 40 percent discount for System Shock 2 owners) until Tuesday, September 29. The upgrades:

  • Higher resolution support: up to 1024×768, and 854×480 widescreen mode.
  • Mouselook support added.
  • Remappable keys with three profiles to choose from: original controls, custom controls, and left-handed controls.
  • Some original game bugs fixed.

If you’d rather play System Shock in its original form, an “unaltered” version is included as well.



And here’s the trailer. Remember, this game is from 1994. It was a different time.