This spectacular animation is a great pitch for a Metroid TV show


I’d watch it

Clocking in at a short 55 seconds, this “Metroid Short Animation” from Rabbit Machine is only able to give us the gist of what Samus is all about, but it gets the point across. I’ve watched it five times or so already this morning, and damn is it great — I immediately wanted to go play Super Metroid.

And really, this small clip is a fantastic pitch for a MetroidTV show on say, Cartoon Network or another outlet (Netflix) that is comfortable showing light violence and blood. We see Samus enter the space station at the start, with a massacre having already taken place (much like the start of Super), then kick some ass.

As George Costanza would say — “that’s the show!” Just have her travel from place to place kicking ass, with a light Chozo overarching narrative sprinkled in with a dash of Ridley, and it could make for a compelling action series. It will probably never happen, but for now, I can repeatedly watch this short.