Top Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite digital deals for release week


From Digital Deluxe to Standard Edition

Pre-load has started for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and if you’re thinking about picking the game up on release week, digital copy is probably the way to go for those without membership with Best Buy GCU or Amazon Prime. As of writing, you can score up to 35% off on digital version of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite depending on the edition and platform you choose.

Here’s the quick breakdown: PS4 gamers gets a nominal 10% off while PC gamers can pick up Steam version from 25% to 35% off. If you’re buying on PC and you pre-order before its official launch time (should be 9am Pacific) – you should still be able to get the pre-order bonus of DLC costumes.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Digital Deals


  • Standard(Steam) — ~$40.47 (list price $60) <- after GBP to USD
  • Deluxe Edition(Steam) — $67.49 (list price $90)


Pre-load has been live for the game across all platforms and all retailers above are sending out keys as of writing. Xbox One gamer? You’re SOL because we haven’t spotted any deals on the game, digital or physical (except for aforementioned membership route). If we spot some deals on the game, we’ll be sure to add them above during release week.

Deluxe Edition of the game gets you the 2017 character pass which contains access to six additional characters post-launch. Pre-order the PC Digital Deluxe also gets you 4 costumes vs 2 in the Standard Edition.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite releases in the US/EU on September 19, 2017. For gamers in Japan and Asia, you need not apply to the deals above given the game is region locked and releases later on September 21, 2017. You can read the review of the game here.

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