Total War: Three Kingdom's next free update brings a horde-styled mode to the fray


Lu Bu’s endless carnage

Fans of free updates and game modes will have a reason to boot up Total War: Three Kingdoms soon. Landing on the same day as the “Eight Princes” DLC, a brand new “Dynasty” mode will be coming to this ancient China themed strategy title. Taking the form of a horde-mode, players will be tasked with fighting off endless waves of enemies until their commanders drop, something that may never happen if you pick Lu Bu. The man is just too good.

All characters in Dynasty mode will be “legendarily powerful” and have access to unique abilities, similar to something like Dynasty Warriors. As you slay more and more foes, your characters will grow stronger and earn points that can be spent between each wave. Every third wave will see an enemy commander stroll onto the field, which should put your skills to the test. If that sounds too easy, a unit size slider option will be available that allows you to alter the number of forces that attack, with a possible 960 troops per unit as the max. That’s just a little insane.

Dynasty mode will be heading to Total War: Three Kingdoms for free on August 8, 2019. This is the same day as the Eight Princes campaign expansion, which will $8.99.