Troy Baker brings attention to campaign to remove the one bad Uncharted 4 review



As of the time of this writing, there are90 “positive” reviews for Uncharted 4 on Metacritic, zero “mixed,” and one “negative.” That negative review is from the Washington Post, and people aren’t happy.

Going so far as to target the reviewer directly, fans have also produced a petition (that’s nearly at its 5,000 signature mark) to remove the entry from Metacritic. Note: this is one guy’s opinion on a video game. What started off as a few hundred signatures has rocketed into near completion partially due to Troy Baker’s efforts, who tweeted out a link to the URL yesterday. He followed it up with another statement.

But you might be saying to yourself “Chris! Troy Baker isn’t Nathan Drake, that’s Nolan North,” and you’d be right! But Baker (who, along with North and Steve Blum make up 90% of gaming voice acting these days) actually plays Sam Drake, Nathan’s brother.

I mean, if I was a Sony fan, and this was one of the only exclusives slated for 2016, maybe I’d be mad too. Well, actually I wouldn’t, because Uncharted 4 is a damn fine game (probably the best in the series even when compared to Uncharted 2), and E3 is just around the corner, as is PlayStation VR.

Video games!

Troy Baker [Twitter]