Type stuff, see stuff in Terry Cavanagh's new game



Show, don’t tell is the easiest way to convey what Constellationis about. Found at the perfectly appropriate JustTypeStuff.com, this free browser-based game-like thing has you typing words to make objects appear.

It’s a neat little experiment — a series of items and locations and filters that swap in and out as you find new additions. There’s a startling weirdness in being transported from the quaint rural countryside to hell. All while hearts are floating up the screen.

If there is a traditional video game component to Constellation, I haven’t found it. You can type “video game” and that brings up a score, but it doesn’t seem to be rooted in anything more than patting you on the back for finding another thing Constellationcan summon.

But, even if there is something deeper hiding, Constellationdoesn’t necessarily need it. It’s interesting enough to just type some stuff and see what the game comes up with. Take a few minutes and go type some stuff.

Constellation [JustTypeStuff]