Vega's Street Fighter II stage, Ed, and balance update coming to Street Fighter V next week


Better save that Fight Money

Street Fighter V is going through some major changes. On May 30th, the title will receive a long awaited balance patch, an improved Capcom Fighters Network (improving things like match load times), new fighter Ed, and a remastered version of Vega’s Spain stage from Street Fighter II.

Vega’s Spain stage (which Vega players can climb) will run you $3.99 USD, or 70,000 in Fight Money, and psycho boxer Ed is $5.99 USD or 100,000 in Fight Money. Additionally, if you sign into the Capcom Fighters Network between May 30 and June 13, you’ll net 50,000 in Fight Money. Finally, the update will include target updates for those who purchased the 2017 CPT Premier Pass.

Check out the Capcom-Unity post for full details.

The New Capcom Fighters Network Arrives May 30 Alongside Monthly Targets, Ed and an All-New Spain Stage![Capcom-Unity]