Watch a businessman run from Ultramen in the first gameplay look of City Shrouded in Shadow


And take selfies

City Shrouded in Shadowis a survival game that has been gaining more and more attention in the west with its diverse cast of monsters, and now we finally have a first look at actual gameplay. From the makers of the Disaster Report series (but unrelated), City Shrouded in Shadowhas you playing a couple trying to evade Godzilla, Ultraman, Evangelion units, and many more.

The live gameplay demo being played by the developers shows the young businessman protagonist avoiding being stepped on by Ultramen, shopping at a convenient store, and interacting with other survivors. Dialogue choices include caring or helpful responses, insults that provoke some to fight you, and comical options such as taking the rare opportunity to get a selfie in front of two battling Ultramen.

Early on, they discover a florist whose shop has been destroyed. Instead of choosing to offer her money or simply leave her alone, they insulted her for laughs. In another scene, inside a burning building people are choking on smoke. You have an option to help people to the roof, or secretly go yourself.

I think it looks like an overall enjoyable experience, given the human interaction, choice system, and sense of humor. I’m getting somewhat of a Yakuzavibe from this too oddly enough.