Watch someone beat all of Bloodborne's bosses without dodging


Time to get the hell out of dodge

Trying to beat Bloodborne is like trying to break through a reinforced concrete wall with a toothpick. You keep chipping and chipping and chipping away, maybe eventually making a tiny crack, and then a tentacle monster comes out of nowhere and eats your spinal cord.

Unless you’re Tolomeo, that is. In that case, Bloodborne’s like trying to break a wall with a nuke, except the wall is made of freaking papier mache. To make things a bit more challenging for him, Tolomeo managed to beat the entire game (including The Old Hunters DLC) on the New Game +6 mode… without dodging.

Dodging is a pretty central skill for Bloodborne. A lot of the enemies’ attacks are really fast, so being able to duck and weave out of the way is generally the only thing keeping you alive. So for Tolomeo to be able to waltz through the likes of the Shadows of Yharnam or Ebrietas simply by running out the way is scarily impressive.

You can really see that Tolomeo knows Bloodborne like the back of his hand. If I were even attempting this, I would’ve spammed my blood vials in the first 30 seconds, but they happily stroll up to Father Gascoigne or Rom the Vacuous Spider on just a sliver of health.

You can see Tolomeo take out Vicar Amelia, often considered to be one of the harder bosses in the game, in the video up top. If you like what you see, you can find a playlist of every boss here.

Now I’m going to go cry at how bad at video games I am.

Bloodborne player beats the game without dodging [Polygon]

Bloodborne player beats the game without dodging