WayForward's April Fools joke 'Cat Girl without Salad' now a reality


And coming to the Humble Monthly Bundle

Three years ago, WayForward put out assets for a really intriguing game called Cat Girl Without Salad — the only problem was that it was announced on April Fools, and definitely wasn’t real. But our own Jonathan Holmes didn’t give up, and crossed his fingers for three years straight, leading us to this exact moment.

Yes, WayForward, in May of 2016 (and not April), has confirmed that the project is real, and will be available in the Humble Monthly Bundle. Following the tales of Kebako, bounty hunter and chef extraordinaire and her squadron of Calamarites, her quest is to destroy the NekoNekoNeko Clan.

Right now nothing is known about the project and if it will be anything like its absurd initial pitch, but we’ll know more soon enough.