We've seen so much Astral Chain footage, at this point all we need to do is wait


Here’s nearly 10 more minutes

We’ve gotten so many snippets of Astral Chainfor the past several months it’s getting to the point where I can pick up the game and start wrecking shop immediately. Heck we got 10 full minutes back at E3, and now you may as well have another 10 minutes, right?

The below video, which is dubbed the “action trailer,” gives us a full no-nonsense gameplay-focused rundown of the game, complete with full English subtitles. It not only gives us a rundown of the basic plot, it also vividly details the core mechanics of the game: most notably, how you’ll use “Legions” (crime/demon-fighting constructs) in combat.

Can I just say how much I appreciate these types of clips? You’re basically just getting the tutorial upfront a month before the game arrives, so you can dive right in on a higher difficulty without having to do the whole Texas two-step in-game. Just a few minutes would suffice when it comes to the basics, but it keeps going!

Nintendo and Platinum are really doing right by this game, which could have easily just been another action niche action release from another publisher. As the resident action fiend, I’ll be there for sure for its August 30 launch.