Why the hell are Assassin's Creed Syndicate's goofy steampunk costumes 1GB?


Large, bad DLC (but free!)

God, of course it was coming. Fucking steampunk. It will never be cool or good, you’re exactly like that shitty we-live-a-Victorian-lifestyle couple that everyone made fun of for their shitty thinkpiece about how great life is without electricity and when women’s faces melted off under poisonous makeup, except you’ve smashed up a watch and glued its bits to your fucking hat.

Anyways, what the fuck, Ubisoft? The common 25-50gb modern game download is filling peoples’ consoles quickly enough, but some free Assassin’s Creed Syndicate DLC is just adding to the problem. The free steampunk outfit for one half of Syndicate‘s protagonist duo, Evie Frye, is an 820MB download on Xbox One, 1GB on PS4.

There’s also a $5 Steampunk pack with an outfit for Jacob Frye (complete with weird sideburns) that comes with pieces of new gear. That one’s 1.5GB on Xbox One,2.1GB on PS4. It’s included for Syndicate season pass holders.