World of Warcraft Classic hasn't even been out for a week and a group has already downed Ragnaros


We’re now in a world where WoW Classic has ‘world firsts’

World of Warcraft Classic, a recreation of the “Vanilla WoW,” launched just last Tuesday and a group of 40 people has risen to the occasion, leveled to the cap, geared up, and defeated the last boss of Molten Core ( Ragnaros): the first major Classic raid. Wow! For reference, Ragnaros was all over the marketing for Classic, serving as the first major hurdle of the re-release.

The Classicworld first goes to the Alliance guild <APES>, who manged to do it with a three tank (with two as DPS) and 12 healer composition. Amazingly, although the level cap is 60 you can enter Molten Core at 55, and 15 of their team did just that. So not only did they rush it underleveled for the world first, they actually achieved it.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but suffice to say that World of Warcrafthas been out for a really long time, and Ragnaros has been studied more than some subjects in college courses. Not only is there a veritable tome of information surrounding the encounter, Ragnaros has also returned in the original edition of the game as a classic raid, allowing even more documentation. <APES> also earned bragging rights for the world first ClassicOnyxia kill (a single encounter, but still iconic fight).

AscalonTV [Twitch via Wowhead]