Xbox's biggest sale ever is live, here are the deals


Gold subscribers get preferential treatment

Xbox is closing 2016 with a sale that rivals Black Friday. It’s called the “Biggest Sale Ever,” and while we can’t verify that’s true, we can verify there are a whole lot of games that are discounted.

Actually, this sale might have the leg-up on Black Friday. Of the games that were featured in both promotions, a lot of them are a few bucks cheaper this time ’round. But, there’s a lot of Black Friday stuff that isn’t here now, replaced with different titles.

Here’s how this promotion works: It technically starts on December 22, but it’s live for Xbox Live Gold subscribers right now. Gold members get better prices, too. Anyone who’s looking to buy anything but doesn’t have Gold might want to consider buying one month of the premium membership for $1.

The Biggest Sale Ever runs through January 9, so there’s plenty of time to make a decision. However, some of the deals end on December 26. Microsoft will surely add to it over time, but the initial selection is pretty fine lookin’.

There are also a good number of Xbox 360 titles, some of which are backward compatible. The people at NeoGAF have neatly listed all of those if you’re interested. Here are all of the Xbox One deals thus far: