You can beat Doom in under an hour and a half


So preoccupied with whether or not they could…

Sure, beating Doom on the hardest difficulty with perma-death on is kind of impressive, I guess. But it also takes like five hours, to say nothing of the numerous multi-hour runs in which you’ll inevitably fuck up and die and have to start the whole thing over.

Now, if you want to be an efficient gamer, a perpetually-apprised water cooler king, it’s all about speed and efficiency. Why take a few hours to get through Doom when you can have it “beat” in under 90 minutes?

Doom speedrunner DraQu did just that, setting the current speed run record at 89 minutes and 56.42 seconds topping their own previous mark of 90 minutes and 54 seconds (embedded above because DraQu has yet to upload the the one-less-minute run to their YouTube).

Sub 90, baby! Mind, this is on the easiest difficulty, I’m Too Young to Die, and doesn’t include tracking down collectables, or really doing anything other than getting to the end. Some clipping through walls and walking on geometry not meant to be walked on aid in this quest.