You can now print your favorite house box art for Fire Emblem: Three Houses from My Nintendo


Yep, all three houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is out, and there’s just one problem: the cover has all three major houses on it. For those of you who are choosing one and shunning the others completely that can get awkward, so Nintendo is proposing a solution, and it involves arts and crafts.

You can log into your My Nintendo account now and hit up the Fire Emblemsection to print new box art featuring each house (Blue Lions, Golden Deer, Black Eagles), prominently showcasing their house leader (Dimitri, Claude, Edelgard respectively). In such a personality-driven game I dig the options, and I also love the idea of swapping them out after each playthrough.

Nintendo also reminds folks that you can buy packs of Nintendo Switch game card cases here ($6.99 for five), or you can try to find dirt cheap clearance games and just perform open case surgery yourself. The box art covers will “cost” you 50 Platinum Coins, which you can earn from daily logins.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses [My Nintendo]